Woz (woz) wrote,

A rare moment of self indulgence ...

... saw me bouncing around in front of Billy Corgan and Smashing Pumpkins last Friday night in Manchester. Nearly 17 years since I last saw them live!!! For the second time in my life it was just utterly moving.

I seriously believe that through the ages we have been blessed with geniuses in various guises who just fall into the perfect profession effortlessly. Palladio, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Einstein etc. I also genuinely believe that in our time we are blessed with two such individuals in the guise of Billy Corgan and Thom Yorke who simply breeze through the creation of such wonderful notation its sickening.

Friday night was awesome! They played for 2 hours and 40 minutes straight without missing a beat or hitting a bum note. I'm lucky to have seen them again and hope I can again one day!

For any fans who would like to see the gig fakeplasticduran on youtube has posted some reasonable footage sound wise at least. I would recommend checking out the acoustic version of 1979 and my favourite "Drown" (albeit without the 12 minutes of in key feedback on the Singles soundtrack).

Ahhh - now for Radiohead in June!
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