Woz (woz) wrote,

I am sat in the bar of the City Inn hotel in Westminster. My usual stopover location whence in London (at least once a week). I just had dinner with my boss and I am now feeling a little tipsy.

I can't say I enjoy my job but the money is amazing and it feeds a fantastic lifestyle and, if I am careful, a decent retirement. anyway - out of the blue today this project lands in my lap at which I gaze with my usual degree of boredom and disdain when I realise what it actually entails. All of a sudden I find I am interested in my job again. Just when I thought there were no challenges left in my field of expertise this particular opportunity presents a rather unique challenge and thus has finally reinvigorated a rather jaded view of my chosen field of expertise. For once I am delighting in the planning of how to resolve this particular client challenge in a way that not only offers client value but also realises fat margins for my profit centre. Its also BIG! It would have to be ... small deals excite no-one right?

I now find myself questioning whether I can configure this client solution enough? Usually its conscious competence across the board - this is so much more invigorating if it wasn't for the confidential nature of the deal I would want to share it all on here. I lookf forward to the closing of tomorrows boring and mundane deal so I can focus on this new far reaching outsource challenge.

Ah life is good. Time to order another Merlot!
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