Woz (woz) wrote,

New Car

I have 12 months left on the lease for my current car but if I am to order something else I should really be thinking about doing that now.

My problem is I feel I should not get something flash and instead put money into buying a new house or something like that. But sitll the kid in me wants a new toy to play with. Seeing as the car I have now is somewhat of an old mans car I feel I should get something more sporty but I get scared when I see how much money a flash sports car would cost me.

My current (long) shortlist is as follows:
Porsche Cayman
Audi RS4
Range Rover Sport
Audi S5
Porsche 997
Porsche Cayenne
Nissan GTR (when it comes out)
Mercedes S Class

All of the above would cost me a small fortune and, I have to wonder, is it really worth it just to have something nice on the drive.

The less pricey options are:
Audi Q7
Nissan 350Z
Audi A5
Mercedes CLK
Mercedes SLK (hairdresser car)
Volkswagen Golf R32
Audi TT
Audi A6 (including all road version)
Mercedes CLS
Mercedes ML

My current thoughts revolve around the Q7 for some reason. The Nissan features in my thoughts a little too simply because of the performance statistics for the money (it matches the Cayman for a lot less money).

Have I missed something? Anyone make any suggestions to help me decide?
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