Woz (woz) wrote,

I'd forgotten how much fun these pointless meme's are

1. My ex is..... very bitter right about now
2. I am listening to..... the tapping of the keys on my keyboard
3. Maybe I should..... go to bed
4. I love...... list here is far too long.
5. My best friend..... is on the other side of the world
6. I don't understand..... people in general
7. I lose..... keys all the time
8. People say..... little of significance
9. The meaning of my screen name is..... there is no meaning. Its just a chemical imbalance in the brain.
10. Love is .... a chemicakl imbalance in the brain
11. Somewhere, someone is..... doing something
12. I will always..... be honest.
13. Forever seems..... a pointless consideration.
14. I never want to..... suffer.
15. My mobile phone is..... rubbish.
16. When I wake up in the morning..... I wake up.
17. I get annoyed when..... people do not listen.
18. Parties are..... pretty boring now to be honest.
19. My fish is..... smoked haddock.
20. Kisses are the worst when..... the intention of the kiss is misunderstood.
21. Today I..... went to Newcastle.
22. Tonight I will..... sleep well.
23. Tomorrow I will.... take my car for a valuation and valet, and get drunk in the evening (oh the shock).
24. I really want..... to just be happy.
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